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About us


International Marion Baptist Association was formed as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for the purpose of evangelizing the lost, educating the church, encouraging the believer, and emitting the gospel throughout the world by creating and establishing local, new testament Baptist churches.

The International Marion Baptist Association Inc. is a worldwide group of independent Baptist churches voluntarily associating in their efforts to fulfill the Great Commission. Its organization is designed to be minimal to ensure the complete independence and equal representation of every church in the association.
The International Marion Baptist Association officially a fellowship of pastors, and by extension, a network of preachers, churches, missionaries, and educational institutions worldwide, affiliated for the purpose of church planting and sharing the truth of the Word of God.


Our Vision

The International Marion Baptist Association Inc. exists to assist churches and related ministries

to be the presence of Christ in the world.

Our goal, our objective, is to awaken, stimulate and coordinate the greatest possible

activity in evangelism, missions, Christian education and benevolent work. We also

work to cultivate a closer relationship, more collaboration and concert of action among

churches in advancing all interests related to reaching our world for Christ.

Our Partnership

This Association is a medium through which Baptist churches choose to work

harmoniously in cooperation with each other.

  • It does not have any ecclesiastical authority.

  • It does not attempt to exercise power or authority over any church,

  • It does recognize the sovereignty of the churches under the one Sovereign, Jesus Christ our Lord.

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