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We have churches being planted and progressing in different areas of the world.  As our funds increase, we assist the Pastors of these works with help and donations in order to advance the works of God.

IMBA Philippines
IMBA (Philippines) 

We have a Chapter of IMBA registered in the Philippines under the direction of Rudy Elizondo (United States) and Rainfredo Luzano (Cebu, Philippines).

We have over 20 Pastors as members of IMBA that participate in church plants, Street preaching, Jail ministries, Feeding programs, School outreaches, Police outreaches, Bible distributions, and many more ministries.

When you donate to IMBA, you actually are donating to over 20 pastors/churches.  We will distribute funds to all the partners.

Texas, United States

Deaf & Hearing Church Seguin, TX

A church was planted in 2019 in order to reach the deaf around the Seguin, TX area.  To date, the church was able to procure land in Seguin, TX and has been growing each year.  They have regular services throughout the week and several outreach programs.

Bible Baptist Church
Kenedy Baptist Church
Texas, United States

New Church plant - Kenedy, TX

In January 2023, a new church plant was started in Kenedy, TX.  The emphasis is on getting back to God's Word.  Bible studies are held each week and plans to begin weekend worship services are in the works to begin this year as soon as a building can be found to use.  the first outreach was done on Memorial day and free breakfast tacos were given to all veterans and free clothes were given to the community.  Weekly outreach is performed going door to door to witness and invite people to study the Word of God.

Filipino Community Baptist Church

New for 2024:

We are in the planning stages to start a new work in 2024 to reach the Filipino families in the North San Antonio TX area.  We have several that are ready to participate, but we are waiting for the Lord's direction and to supply a Pastor that speaks Tagalog and English.  We have several candidates from the IMBA organization in the Philippines, but we are waiting for Visa approvals in order to have them stay long enough to accomplish the work.

IMBA Philippines
IMBA (India)

New for 2024:

We are in the process of establishing a Chapter in India with a National Pastor that will be our Director to manage the Association and its members within India to add Pastors of like faith and doctrine so we can assist in starting more churches and partner with those Pastors already doing the work.

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